Association of Directors of Government Institutions

 Association of Directors of Government Institutions was established in 1986 with 35 founding members. Now the membership has reached over 140 directors. The Association serves as an important platform for discussions, information sharing and issues related to legal rights of the members. The purpose of the Association is, according to its statutes:

· to facilitate mutual acquaintance among the members,
· to support cooperation among the members and related institutions as appropriate,
· to work for common interests of the members in general, including their salaries and related issues,
· to serve as a liaison and a cooperative partner with the appropriate authorities as far as mutual interests are concerned,
· to increase the knowledge of members of institutions lead by other members,
· to support education and training among the members.

The Association is very active which is demonstrated through breakfast meetings, seminars and other meetings in close cooperation with the Institute for Public Administration and Politics at the University of Iceland. Furthermore, there is very good cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Prime Ministry and the Icelandic National Audit Office for seminars and other course related activities. Much emphasis is placed on improvements in public administration, information provision about new developments as well as training and education in the field of public administration.